Los invitamos a conocer los diversos artículos realizados por miembros de la Comunidad Rosen del mundo, sobre la relación del Método Rosen con la Salud y el Bienestar.



“El Método Rosen de Movimiento”. Marion Rosen y Sue Brenner. Traducción al español. Veredas. 2016.

The Rosen Method of Movement. Por Marion Rosen y Sue Brenner. North Atlantic Books. 1991

While working as a physical therapist in Oakland in the fifties, Marion Rosen was asked by several clients how they could prevent aches and pains and avoid physical therapy treatments. This question inspired Rosen to begin teaching movement classes in 1956. The Rosen Method of Movement describes these preventative exercises in detail. Marion Rosen continued in the next four decades to become, alongside Moshe Feldenkrais, Milton Trager, Ida Rolf, and Alfred Lowen, one of the makor progenitors of a system of bodywork, which connects breathing, emotional responses and body functioning.
Authors: Sue Brenner, Marion Rosen